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Artikel: Zukunftstrends
Taking it to the next level - Surface design, lighting and functionality
Artikel: Zukunftstrends
A New Era of Surface Textures - Rising Facets
Artikel: Zukunftstrends
Reichle Advanced Design Center
Artikel: Zukunftstrends
Artikel: Neue Designtrends im Kunststoffbereich
top Etching - use laser texturing - copy
Lasertextur anstatt Ätznarbung - schneller & reproduzierbar
PUR in-mold-coating | Lasertexturierung | Soft touch
(Ultra)LowGloss durch Lasertexturierung
Erweiterung des Designzentrums
China Expansion
Reichle wird international
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Pan-European technology center The art of perfection


    Laser texture & surface design


    The modern and process reliably way of graining - design at the highest level

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  • Surface

    Repair of graining, polishing, sandblasting, adjustment of the gloss level, maintenance of tools

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  • Laser- & TIG-welding

    Welding with more than 20 machines, filigree to large area – also throughout Europe

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  • Laser- & CNC-engraving

    Laser- and cnc-engraving, milling, signs, etching foils, exclusive prototypes or small batches

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  • Repair of
    cast parts

    Repair of finished parts by use of the most modern laser welding incl. rework

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With more than 35 years of tradition, nowadays we see ourselves as a family-run, pan-European technologycenter for tool and mould making based in the greater area of Stuttgart. Our entire team now consists of more than 85 employees.

Our customers from a wide range of industries such as automotive, food, medicine, aerospace, cosmetics and packaging appreciate our high quality standards, our personal approach and the shortest processing times across all departments.

Get a virtual impression of our 5 business areas laser texturing and surface design, surface technologies, laser and TIG welding, laser and CNC engraving, as well as repair of cast parts by using laser welding. We are looking forward to your contact!

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