Our origins date back more than 35 years and is based on the craft of engraving, which has provide a basis for developing to the unique service center we present today. We are well-known beyond the national borders for our innovative performance portfolio in the field of engraving: CNC engraving, laser engraving, etching foils, milling work, signs and exclusive prototypes and small batches.


The combination of ultramodern laser and CNC engraving and milling machines as well as the traditional, mechanic virtue of filigree handcrafts ensure rational and creative production solutions in a wide range of application areas. By means of etching films produced by us you can introduce your functional engraving like date grid, etc. yourself cost-effectively and quickly.


Highly modern 5-axis machining centers replace the classic handcraft engraver more and more. This makes it all the more important to deviate technologically and innovatively from the market and to act as a flexible partner for our customers. High-quality depth engravings, holographic techniques and HSC milling complete the offer in addition to 4-color printed signs on metall.


Often machining centers are not designed for filigree engravings, which is why it is the more efficient way to put us here as a service provider. Whether you need electrode production, laser marking, or impressive tool signs, you can get everything from one source. We also mill your contour after the welding process, so you can process the parts again directly.

Facts and figures

  • Decades of experience in engraving
  • 4 CNC engraving machines, 4 ultramodern laser engraving machines (3- and 5-axis) and 2 HSC processing center for flexible order processing
  • From the functional engraving to the impressive 3D depth engraving
  • Etching foils within 24 hours
  • 4-color printed tool signs (acid, solvent and weather resistant)
  • Exclusive prototypes as a complete service provider
  • Preparation of electrodes, plates, punch or stamp, and much more
  • Programming in CAD / CAM


The foundation of the engraver's work as well as the more than 20 trained engravers are the foundation for today's success of the whole company. Both us and our long-standing customers do not forget where we come from and appreciate this permanently.


Throughout Germany, we are one of the few leading companies that innovatively deal with the engraving industry and use it industrially. At the same time, we see it as our duty not to let the classic handcraft die, but rather to develop them further and adapt the skills to other areas of application areas.
Etching foils
within 24 hours

With our etching foils, you can easily engrave large amounts of text and function engravings such as date grids or component numbers by acid. Please send us your data until noon and you will receive our etching foil by 10 am on the following day even with all necessary accessories!

Waiting service

In the case of engraving jobs, depending on the scope of work, you can even wait in our company for processing. Take a cup of coffee and get to know us extensively.

Integral service center

As a full-service provider, you can get all the services you need about your tool or form: laser and TIG welding, engraving, milling and grinding, laser texturing, high gloss polish and much more. We are thus the only company in Germany to offer this complex range of know-how and thus reduce the processing time, as there are no waiting or lying times and no requirement of external suppliers!

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