With 9 ultramodern laser machines, we are the largest service provider in the field of laser graining and laser texturing in Europe. We are the only namable company, which realizes all etched, sand blasted and eroded structures as well as complex and detailed 3d-laser structures using fully digital laser processes. Thanks to 100% standardization and reproducibility, high-quality standards are guaranteed – maximum travel of the laser: 4,000 x 3,000 x 1,500 mm! For more detailed information please contact us or read our brochure.
In the second quarter of 2017, we completed our design center. Our designers as well as specialists for laser texturing will develop extraordinary structures, modify your wishes or recreate existing grains. By means of renderings you can discuss the individual possibilities of your components with our designers. Furthermore, the laser texturing technology offers innovative possibilities as part of component optimization. Get more impressions about our designs of graining and innovations.
Design of graining


Any desired structure or grain is developed in digital processes, validated by plastic sample plaques and released by the end user. With the aid of 25 high-precision 5-axis laser machines, tools and molds are treated in an absolutely reproducible manner (optics, haptics, depth, etc.) in order to create quality standards both in different molds and materials.


Grained surfaces are an elementary component of part quality in every application. Sharp delimitations between high-gloss and grained surfaces, as well as very homogeneous and often matte surfaces without gloss spots and incidence are high requirements, which can be optimally realized by means of laser technology - and this within the shortest during times.

Facts & figures

  • Up to 70% less during time
  • Mostly cost-neutral compared to conventional processes
  • Significant increase in quality thanks to high precision
  • 100% process reliability, absolutely reproducible and environment-friendly
  • Homogeneous reduction of the graining depth and sharp edges possible
  • Often no necessity of the gloss level adjustment by using sand blasting
  • Very matte and homogeneous grains possible even with PC, PC-ABS, ASA, etc.
  • Maximum travel of the laser: 4,000 x 3,000 x 1,500 mm
  • 3-dimensional design structures can be realized
  • Development of the design of the entire product surface


In 2016, we have already grained more than 1,300 tools and molds using laser technology. Laser texturing is mostly used in the following areas: automotive (headlights, tail lights, light guides, interior and exterior), arms industry, gardening and cleaning equipment, cosmetics and packaging.


With our laser-texturing technology, we do not just see ourselves as a service provider, but we want to set standards of quality, homogenity and process reliability in the field of graining. It is not for nothing that we have completely discontinued the etching process two years ago and are focusing exclusively on ultramodern laser technology for the future.
Development of design and surfaces

In addition to the realization of all surface structures and grainings with the most modern laser technology, we are constantly developing new structures (fine structures, organic, geometric and functional structures) that match your product. We always take your requirements into account and support you with our numerous designers in the integral product and surface design for the best possible quality impression. Rely on our comprehensive know-how on material properties and production processes.

Fully digital coordination
of the grain

Thanks to fully digital processes, we are able to carry out grain adjustments very efficiently and digitally in a short time. We use ultramodern 3D rendering and mapping programs to display the desired structure as realistically as possible or functionally in the tool data set. This reduces the total processing time and ensures the highest transparency and reproducibility!

Integrated service center

In addition to the design development of the realization of any gradations in your tools or form we gladly take over the sampling of the tool on our own injection molding machine or with partners including initial production. We also undertake preliminary services such as high-gloss polishing, preparation of the grain, the gloss level adjustment and the adjustment of colour matching as well as the repair of grains or the optimization of entire components with technical know-how in many manufacturing processes.

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