The technology of laser texturing does not only replace traditional methods such as etching, blasting or eroding, but also offers a whole new range of possibilities. Using ultramodern laser technology and lasertexturing, we are regularly developing new surfaces, which cause new design possibilities and improve the quality of the components. Please contact us for more details!

Laser texture replaces etched graining

Quality fluctuations and long processing times for etching grain cling the past. With our modern laser technology, all etched graining can be reproduced absolutely identically, so that a uniform appearance is created with a consistent degree of gloss level and constant grain depth.

Light outcoupling grainings for light guides

Thanks to the high precision of the laser technology in conjunction with fully digital processes, all light guides in the vehicle interior could be processed. Complex and costly prism contours are no longer needed. The light extraction takes place only by special fine structures, which increase steplessly, so that a very homogeneous light image can be generated. At the same time, the tool costs are reduced significantly!

Low gloss process

Different degrees of gloss level in plastic parts are not uncommon in everyday life. Amorphous plastics such as PC-ABS, ASA, POM, etc. shine much stronger than, for example, PP. However, according to the current trend, a high quality impression only results from matt gloss levels in plastic parts. With our special microstructures that can be laid over any grain, the gloss level can be adjusted continuously. This makes it child's play to achieve a low degree of gloss (0.5-2.0 GE) even in amorphous plastics; eg identical to PP.

Ultra-Low-Gloss Process

With our ultra-low-gloss process, all plastics (specific gloss level depending on granules, injection molding parameters, etc.) with a special fine structure (plus microstructure) can be realized immensely matt. For example. PMMA gloss level 0.4 GE, PPT-GF20 gloss level 0.1 GE, etc.) This makes it possible to paint processes on defroster covers, head-up displays, stray light curtains, loudspeaker grille, u.v.m. be replaced. As a result, the Refelexion example. Can be reduced to a minimum in Windschutzschreibe. The degree of gloss of the plastic part is thus matt as a matter of course painted matt.

Elimination of shiny patches

Shiny patches due to variations in wall thickness or temperature problems are a great threat to the quality impression of grained surfaces and are completely unacceptable especially for A-surfaces. These spots are often visible on etched surfaces. Thanks to the ultramodern laser technology, these surface defects can be completely eliminated or greatly reduced (depending on the grain). Shown above. Left: Brilliant spot in etched fine structure; Right: Eliminated gloss area with lasered fine structure in identical tool (etching scratch was previously polished)

High detail of leather graining

With special techniques, a leather grain can be developed identical to the laminating film in our design center. Thanks to the high precision of the laser systems, every detail in the injection mold can be laser texturized, so that grained plastic parts look almost identical to laminated components. The degree of detail of laser-textured leather grain is many times higher than that of etched surfaces.

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