With more than 15 years of experience in laser and TIG welding, more than 20 welding systems and trained metallurgists, we are now one of Germany's largest laser welding location. We impress with our exclusive maintenance service, which requires no advance announcement, as well as our on-site service throughout Europe! Rely on our well-known short during times and the downstream services: contour-grinding, spotting, milling, and much more. For more detailed information please contact us or read our brochure.


The laser welding process is regarded as the highest quality welding process in order to be able to carry out very filigreed welds as well as large-area material applications economically with minimal heat influence and without warpage. At the same time, we use exclusively ultramodern and largely mobile laser welding systems with 300 and 500 watt power. For large weldings we also use the TIG and TIG impulse welding process for direct and alternating current (DC and AC).


The laser and TIG welding process is indispensable for the tool and mold makers in the case of changes or errors as well as for the repair of grains. At the same time, we always take your explicit requirements and application areas into consideration and coordinate the right weld metal with our metallurgically trained welders.


Due to our large capacities, we are always able to offer you flexibly free capacities to ensure 100% serviceability. We are available daily from 7 am to 6 pm as well as on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm and do not have any working holidays. Even laser welding peripheries on the injection molding machine are possible on-site at your company in order to keep a loss of production as short as possible.

Facts and figures

  • More than 20 welding systems in use with 300, 500 and 900 watts of power
  • Great capacity at our company
  • Exclusive waiting service without prior notice
  • 5 mobile laser welders are in service throughout Europe every day
  • Large metallurgical know-how with 15 years of experience
  • Cost-optimized combined welding with laser and TIG possible
  • Weldable tools weighing up to 20 tonnes
  • Non-roughened or specially welded surfaces for grained surfaces


More than 500 customers all over Europe rely on us in the field of professional welding and those are our best reference.


Welding is not just a big business unit, but the conviction and feeling of our employees. Where people work, people make mistakes, but we work every day on the perfection of our welding work in order to ensure a high level of stability for your tools and molds.
Waiting service without
advance announcement

With more than 20 welding systems, we are the largest laser welding location in Germany. This allows us to offer you an exclusive waiting service even without prior registration. Come to us, discuss your tasks directly with our employees and wait for the finished laser welding of your parts, tools and molds with a cup of coffee. Stay flexible and take our word!

On-site service
throughout Europe

With our 5 mobile teams, we travel every day throughout Europe to our customers to repair tools and molds directly at the production site. Depending on the damage, our laser welders and surface technicians or engravers will visit you in order to get the production to work as quickly as possible: grain repair, adjustment of gloss level, high gloss polish and optimization of complete tools and molds.

Integral service center

As an integrated service provider, you can get all the services you need about your tool or shape after welding: engraving, milling and grinding, spotting and tool optimization, laser texturing, high-gloss polishing or repair of grains. We are thus the only company in Germany to offer this complex range of know-how and thus reduce the processing time, as there are no waiting or lying times and no requirement of external suppliers!

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