Do not melt your finished spoilt-cast parts due to pores, voids, cracks or leaks, but obtain your value added. Using ultramodern laser welding technology and special reworking techniques, we repair more than 300,000 finished cast parts every year without the need for any new mechanical processing!


The specially pulsed laser welding process in the 300- and 500-watt range allows cast parts in all alloys (aluminum, magnesium, GJV, GJL, GJS, etc.) to be welded, because there is no heat distortion. This produces a 100%, long-lasting structure compound. With specially developed reworking techniques the components optically and technically could not be distinguished from good parts.


The increasingly complex component geometries combined with increasing quality requirements and very low yields within the foundry industry require complex production processes and to go easy on resources. Many foundries are therefore dependent on cost reductions, which we can achieve with our technology. We reduce your reject costs by up to 95% depending on the component.


Above all, there is a very high reduction in your spoilt-costs and an increase in your sustainability. By preserving your and other’s added value, you avoid postproduction and maintain your ability to deliver. Thanks to the laser process, there is no ban of welding on prefabricated parts.

Facts & figures

  • As the largest service provider in Europe, we service more than 300,000 components every year
  • No heat distortion
  • No re-machining necessary
  • ACost reductions of up to 95%
  • Flexible capacity adjustment possible for large quantities
  • You receive ready-to-mount parts
  • All alloys can be welded (aluminum, magnesium, GJV, GJL, GJS, u.v.m.)
  • Suitable for all industries and application areas
  • 2,500 m² production and storage space available


Thanks to over 15 years of experience, we are working all over Europe for 7 OEMs, 9 mechanical workers, 4 Tier-1 and more than 40 foundries. Our range of components includes, in particular: motor blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder head covers, gearbox, clutch and pump housings, turbochargers, exhaust manifolds, oil panes, ladder and camshaft frames as well as dozens of small parts.


In order to be able to reduce a high level of costs for our customers, we consider efficient rework solutions for finished parts as essential. We believe that we are not appropriate to eliminate the value. Over the past year, we have saved more than 47 million € in spoilt-costs across all components and customers and want to expand this sum successively. Please contact us.

With more than 20 welding systems, more than 300,000 of our finished cast parts are repaired every year to around 2,500 m². This means that we are able to react to your volumes and requirements at short notice. Even larger quantities of several thousand components can be saved quickly and efficiently!

On-site service
throughout Europe

In the event of short-term production difficulties, imminent line stoppage or very large components, our specialists will also be at your service all over Europe, and will repair your scrap cast parts using ultramodern laser welding technology. Please contact us for detailed coordination.

Support at the
approval process

As a rule, your final customer should be informed about the repair by our special laser welding process, and a release should be obtained on his part. Classical welding bans do not apply to our process. Due to our large customer structure with more than 300,000 components per year, we have a great experience in the process of release processes and we handle very extensive including micrographs, process documentation, and much more.

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