The focus of our entire company is the surface technology on the processing of tools and molds, which is why we offer you the entire range of surface technology both in our company as well as at your location all over Europe: repair of all grainings of all processes and manufacturers (etched, sand blasted, eroded, lasered), gloss level adjustment, high-gloss polishing, grinding and spotting, as well as complete repair of tools or component optimization (removal of burrs, stains, slider offsets, etc.). For more detailed information please contact us or read our brochure.


17 employees give their best every day to apply a wide variety of different processing methods. In particular, the high know-how of creative solution concepts and the precise skills of our specialists are the deciding arguments.


In order to minimize the cost of coordinating for our customers, we can offer you all the necessary work to complete the surface of a tool or mold from a single source. This is the only way to achieve a maximum of quality and a minimum processing time, since there are no additional service providers and no unnecessary lay-down times.


Through a highly flexible working method, the necessary heart blood and the perfect coordination of all departments involved, we are often one step ahead of schedule. You can even count on our exclusive waiting or emergency service. Laser welding and laser texturing are also a part of our services.

Facts & figures

  • Repair of all grainings and processes (etched, sand blasted, eroded, lasered) including laser welding
  • All services also on-site at our customers all over Europe
  • Grain preparation and grinding
  • High-gloss polishing at any quality level
  • Gloss level adjustment by blasting
  • Cleaning of grained surfaces or rust removal
  • Reprocessing of an already attrited graining
  • Component optimization (burr formation, gloss, slider offset, drawing, gap, etc.)
  • Tool repair after damage
  • and much more


Every day, we treat, polish or repair the surface of around 15 injections, foaming and deep-drawing or die-casting molds or coquille, thus ensuring that our customers are able to start production smoothly or prevent production breaks.


As a integral and pan-European service center, it is our innermost duty to solve the problems of our customers as quickly as possible with the highest quality. For this purpose, the entire portfolio of conventional surface finishes must not be missed, and so we appoint many of our formerly trained engravers.

Waiting service

In the case of grain repairs and gloss level adjustment, depending on the extent of the damage or the work, you can even wait in our company for the processing. Take a cup of coffee and get to know us extensively. Particularly in the case of tight schedule and minimal safety stock, we are always available to keep production losses as low as possible!

On-site service
throughout Europe

With our 5 mobile teams, we travel every day throughout Europe to our customers to repair tools and molds directly at the production site. Depending on the damage, our laser welders and surface technicians or engravers will visit you in order to get the production to work as quickly as possible: grain repair, gloss level adjustment, high gloss polishing and optimization of complete tools and molds.

Integral service center

As a full-service provider, you can get all the services you need about your tool: laser and TIG welding, engraving, milling and grinding, laser texturing, and much more. We are thus the only company in Germany to offer this complex range of know-how and thus reduce the processing time, as there are no waiting or lying times and no requirement of external suppliers!

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